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Cannonball Run 1919

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Adventurous Narrative Nonfiction Motorcycle Book in Portland, OR

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but it can also enhance a written story. My story brings vivid life to an incredible true adventure, and I wanted to share some images that help it shine. From the authentic Indian motorcycle featured prominently in the story to pictures of the history diary I adapted to write the narrative, you can explore the iconic elements that inspired me from the moment I first picked up a pen.

I believe that history is worth preserving and sharing with others. It’s the reason I worked hard to translate my passion and knowledge of vintage and modern motorcycles into an engaging story. That’s why I also put some of my collection up for view online.

Connect with a Riveting Journey

Excited by the images you see here? There’s plenty more to explore in the pages of “Cannonball Run 1919.” My book takes you on the road with iconic faces in the world of vintage motorcycles. You’ll be transported back more than a century to take a round trip from Portland, OR, to New York City with intrepid riders who discover adventure at every turn. Order your copy today to take a fresh look at a unique event.

First Page of the Diary Cannonball Run Cover Baker Ticket

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