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Cannonball Run 1919

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Transcontinental Motorcycle Journey

Non-Fiction Motorcycle Novel Portland, OR

If you're a fan of motorcycles and vintage pioneering, check out my adventure book, "Cannonball Run 1919: A Transcontinental Motorcycle Journey." This 296-page non-fiction motorcycle novel tells the true story of two riders and the experiences they shared during a 6-month, transcontinental journey back in the early 1900s. 

This incredible historical motorcycle journey is brought to you by the diary of Erling J. Hangerud. Erling and his brother Fred started out in Portland, Oregon, and made the long trek across the continental United States on the Yellowstone Trail during a time in which roads were scarce. The book chronicles their adventure and the events and challenges they faced while heading to New York City and back on motorbikes.  

A Perfect Book for Motorbike Enthusiasts

If you love motorbikes, especially classic American-models like Indians and Harley Davidsons, then this motorcycle book is perfect for you. By following the transcontinental motorcycle journey of Fred and Erling, you can experience what it would have been like as a motorbike enthusiast in the early twentieth century. There’s no other tale that truly accounts for the freedom of roaming and riding quite like that which is found in “Canonball Run 1919.”

 Narrative Nonfiction Motorcycle Book

It is because of my own love of classic motorbikes and my ties to Portland that I chose to write this book and share the adventure you. I hope that this true story of adventure inspires other motorcyclists to try the journey for themselves and experience the thrill of the open road as you travel across our vast and beautiful nation. So, when you are looking for the perfect adventure book then this is a great read that you will thoroughly enjoy. 

Contact me to learn more about the book and to experience a true tale of adventure. I proudly offer the book to customers Worldwide.

Non-Fiction Motorcycle Novel Portland, OR

Book Synopsis

"The year was 1919. There was no paved road system across the United States. Gasoline stations were scarce. Cars were few. Horse and wagons were the main modes of transportation. And two adventurous young men undertook a transcontinental motorcycle journey.

The diary of Erling J. Hangerud illustrates their ride from Portland, Oregon, to New York City via the Yellowstone Trail on a 1918 Indian Powerplus and a 1918 Harley-Davidson. Their mishaps and successes take us back to that era, along with vignettes describing significant historical details relevant to their journey.

Join Erling Hangerud and Fred (Fritz) Kunkel on their ride across the continental United States, and then ponder that in 2018 more than 130 million motorcycles were manufactured and sold worldwide. Motor-cycles provide economical transportation and efficient fuel savings to millions of people all over the world. They also provide jobs. A percentage of the sale of this book will be used to fund a scholarship program for young people who aspire to make a career out of supporting the motorcycle industry."

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